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Tuesday, June 9, 2009 ♥
Rocky Journey ♥ 4:13 AM

I fought wf him..
I cried each dae..
No one noes how i felt..
He said im pressuring him...
But I am doin notin..
He said i cnt made a decision..
Its been tough nowdae..
Emotionally and physically..
Coping wf life-family,studies n him..
I felt alone..
I want to spend tyme wf dd,jun,fairsha,aisyah,nazirah,diana,fathiah,fiza,amalina..
but its dif as i dnt have any personal device of communication..
just my home phone and lappy..
entertainment-lappy n irfan..

im depressed
wat i usually do is to play Sorority Life,Mafia Wars,Pet Society in Facebook..
tats my life now..
its been like fark!
n i hate it..
one thin i noe is to change my life..
aint wana get hurt n kept cryin if i noe he doesnt cares..

Thursday, May 7, 2009 ♥
IMY ♥ 1:32 PM

why do eu hav to go?


eu have a valid reason for that dae..

I couldnt see eu in that situation..

here we are uncontactable..

not knowin where eu are?

when do we meet..

all i noe is im gona wait for ur call on ur birthdae..

im felt disturbance in my life now...

My body is at skewl but my mind is thinkin of eu...

ur condition..wat eu doin?have eu eaten?sayin imy so much..pls dnt go!

eu left ur handphone wf me...

i slept wf ur fone next to me..

n ur alarm rang as it is the time eu normally wake up for werk,

i dnt know wat else to do and I went back to slept as i have to wake up early to finish up my assignments..

I was damn late for skewl as I rushed werkin on the assignment.

I used the money I saved for ur bdae.

im pennyless..

i wan to buy u a cake as eu were askin for it..

eu also wanted a remote car ..

i tot eu are jus jokin but deep dwn i noe eu have been sayin bout the remote cars

well guys will remain as guysrite..=D

im not sure wats on for ur birthdae..

eu want to club..

i think i will save money for club and give eu a sweet heart small cake for urslf.

Dearest, IMY

Confession of a broken heart.

Sunday, May 3, 2009 ♥
Labour Dae/Hapie Birthdae lil couz,Fariz! ♥ 11:04 AM

MAY an important month in this relationship!

First of all, I would like to wish my lil cousin, Muhammad Fariz a Hapie BirthDae!
May eu be blessed in ur lovely life.. N be a successful man in the future!
Do studies and play hard aits couzy!
Love Ya!

Labour Day, 1st May 2009

D's tenage frens had planned to party at O-Bar during Labour Dae..
I was uncomfortable as Im always the only gurl that will be taggin along..
YES i admit my relationship have change abit.. We are havin tough times wf each other..
We cnt click, n Im depress seriously.. As NO1 notice the achin in my innocent heart..
He just wnt bother bout me, all the words became empy just a sayin as it didnt meant anitin to him.. Yeah Ive been putting on mask arnd him, aint showin how I feel or even speak about it! He dnt even care and least bothered.. well its just stop it!
First of all, it was my first time to O-Bar n yah not the first time to DBLO..
Before midnight, the songs in O-Bar was like Hip Hop and most of them were neva been heard before.. But after midnight, the song changes and thats when Tok(Hadi's M bro) started the crowd by dancin.. Yeah he was havin the lights to himself as the tenage peepz shout 'TOK!TOK!TOK!TOK!' continously.. He was werkin his move but kinda unsure wat move was that.. We laughed at his move.. Well he is drunk, n he even admit he 'joget SeMbArAnG'.. lol..
It was hilarious and fun though.. We then headed to DBLO..
N TO MY SURPRISE! OMG DBLO was playin house song!
damn happening shit! n the DJ JURI is a lady frm Japan.. She is bloody talented!
N addin to the exciment, it is also 1 FOR 1! WoW! Well as usual we drank AK47..
At DBLO dancefloor, thur was a battle as this chinese guy started to battle Hadi K..
First the crowd was just 4, then more and more peoples came and join the battle..
Obviously, D was also battling.. Yeah I was thur to support him.. The Brothers of Hadi n Tok are really funny! Their dancin is the same! DA MABOK, JOGET SMUE SEMBARANG!
k here comes the unbelievable part! At the end of the battle, thur is an Indian guy teasin the way of the nigger dancing! N the nigger was like moving towards the indian guy.. I tot he wanted to start a fight BUT out of my imagination/thinkin!!! He knee down to the dance floor and crawl underneath the indian guy legs!!! Ultimate ridiculous!! I was screamin of laughter!!
We cnt handle it, till we decide to move down to O-Bar.. n OMG the crowd at O-Bar was damn alot! EEE squeezy! then thurs MINAHS! well guys will remain as guys.. they are tackling the chickys.. Yeah I saw him lookin at the Minahs! wth! hello Iam thur! tats y I dnt like not bein the only gurl thur! N addin on to it, he pointed to me when the song 'Heartless' Kayne West was played! RIDICULOUS! wat did I do! WHOS HEARTLESS? WHOSE THE HEARTLESS PERSON WHM SLAM DWN THE FONE WHEN A GIRL CRIED! I noe that eu dnt mind if that girl was me but eu would mind if it were other girls.. Eu are just unappreciative of me.. Eu are just thinkin of urslf.. Eu just wan me to do wateva thins eu wana do! my life is totally unfair ever since 6years ago.. all the sacrifies Ive made, eu will neva notice till the dae I step out of ur heart.. Why eu always do this to me! Im not a doll whm does not have existin feelins,eu see! Im human just like other girls.. But I do noe eu treat other gurls better than how eu treat me.. It have been shown for these 6yrs, but I just kept strong to hold on this cold huricane storm! Enuf..

Moments thur

Tok, Nan, Marie, Farhan
shady, nan, marie, tok

Thursday, April 30, 2009 ♥
Marina Square ♥ 10:17 PM

Its been daes since I blog..
I dnt have the mood to blog as this particular website is where I express my happiness wf hym.
I wnt wan to spoil my blog by cursing and swearin eventhough I felt it.
This blog is for sweet and wonderful memories I had in my dear life.
Its been hard these few daes as I was coping wf my emotions.
Thos betrayals in life, really bring me dwn.
But one thing in mind is I gota be STRONG now.
I wnt wan anione to step on my head animore.
I admit Ive been kind enuf to keep quite enduring the pain by myslf, being hurt by people arnd me.I gota stand strong and be defensive of myslf.
I love myslf, so I gota stand on my own feet and settle things on my own.
Luckily the dark clouds have past by in my relationship.
Things are getting better.Alhamdulilah, syukur.
Its hard to make people realised that life isnt all about oneself. If people are thinkin about themselve all the time, things would be a mess and nasty as the reason to these is the feeling of unfair. So I and boifie settle down, talkin bout the things we want in life, and how our relationship should be.
The way I and Nan wants.

Saturdae 11 April 2009
It is a dae, when bdk tenage go out together taking public.
Cos usually, we will take bike to everywhere.
I was uncomfortable at that tyme as I was the only girl, I felt that boifie should have sometime wf tem wfout me. But boifie insisted for me to come. As the boys went to eat, we went to walk arnd the mall. Tryin to get myslf a Rip Cammi but I found something gorgeous at TopShop. Boifie is such a sweetheart that he bought this dress that Ive fallen for. I mean its a rare opportunity so I grap it. It feels nice to be pampered. N thanks to Kelvin that I have 30% off that dress. Haha.. So save boifie some bucks. Im so lovin the dress. Thanks dearest for makin my dae and buyin me this hot dress.
It was a surprising and special dae for everyone especially the April and May birthdae babies.
April and May babies-starting frm the eldest-Mael,Anil(boifie),Hadi,Farhan and Acap.

Moments at Marina Square
The guyz

April & May babies
Acap, Nan, Farhan, Mael, Hadi

These is a video during the celebration
Sorie if its dark as the lights were off at the moment..
Its kinda funny as each of them are teasing each other and they were really making so much noise singing a long birthdae song for the April & May babies..

Thursday, April 2, 2009 ♥
Shopping!SheeSha! ♥ 5:16 PM

!blueekz everyone!

Yest was a blast wf my twin, Fiza..

First of all, we went to Bugis.. We were looking for a bag that suits Fiza's facilities.. So it must be damn big.. hahaa.. We headed to OG, Bugis Street. Bugis Junction.. We were waiting for her lil sis, Shila, to tag along.. Shila as usual was late..

So we went to Raffle City by walking thur.. Went to some shops basically window-shopping.. After meetin shila, we headed to marina square.. Along the way thur, we prank shila
"Ehk Shila baju kau!baju kau!" me.
"Arch asal?asal???" while lookingat her clothes, shila..
"Fiza, kau nmpk za baju shila"me,
"a'ah!" controling her laugh..
"Oi asal?",shila..

N I just went off walkin fast ignoring her..
That is when we said April Fool!!

"BABI AR KAU!"shila
Over at marina me n fiza bought each of us a palette of eye-shadows.. Nice!! I love it.. We then went for food at LJS.. We prank AGN shila tat we forget to order her food..
I was carrying the tray with 2 golden deal 2 px chicken wf two drinks and obviously this thingy for grilled item that represented shila's n mine food..
"Ehk mane makanan aku?"shila
"EEhhk shit!aku lupe nak orderkan kau ar"me
shila looks at fiza
fiza making this shock n stupid face, she was controlling her laugh off course!
"nie ar kakak kau tak ingatkan aku sal chicken wrap kau!"me

"ahlaarr"sad face"kasi aku duet ar aku beli skrg",shila.
fiza reluctant to give money.
"ahlar kau g diet lar, puase ke"fiza

shila giving comments with her sad expression..

"ehk kasi aku duet,aku beli.aku pon nak amek tissue."shila
*fiza didnt give money*moment later
"tak lar aku da order lar lom sampai"me
"arh,betol?"shila muke hapie!
"hahaha april fool.. suke nmpk!"

this kind uncle brought shila's food but not mine

"hahah ehk nie chiken wrap aku!"shila,
showin off her food straight to my face
kene balek ar nie..me

Well it was fun spending time wf them. We then headed to the Fountain Of Wealth.

Moments thur

funny face

After chilling thur for quite a moment, we have no plans due to some reasons..
So we decided to go for sheesha!! while waiting for boifie to fetch me..
I was like jakun sia.. didnt know about the walking route to Haji Lane.. They guided me though..
Sheesha was Fun!
Boifie came to join us, so thur were 4 gurls n a playa,boifie..huh playa ketok kepale baru tau!
So we were opening up, sharing ghost stories amongst each other while sheesha-ing..
We gota leave off early as the younger ones gota go skewl tmr.. Howeva we did take LOTS LOTS of photos..
Yest was an exciting prankful dae!!=D

shila n fizafiqahshilaboifie n me
Thanks girls for making my day..
Thanks dear for makin my day...
love eu

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 ♥
APRIL FOOL everybody! ♥ 11:36 AM

Hey its April Fool's Day..

Ya boifie fool me first early in the morning.. But its kinda lame but I really did fall for it though..
I was thinkin of fooling someone while I was bathin but didnt have ani one in mind..
So boifie called.. I miss him though its been daes since we met, even though we had time to.. But due to 'new sleeping time'.. We didnt met as I was asleep.. We rarely do talk on the fone as he is werkin all dae long.. I felt tat thurs a gap between us n we didnt really spend much time together..

Ya so talking bout the conversation wf boifie.. He was talking bout his time in camp, wat he had done n all.. n he said "eu tad i muntah darah sey bile i mandi" wf his pity voice.. "Arrk?eu muntah bnyk? eu ok tak? tak g MO? darah?" me wf an angry and worried voice.. "Ya banyak sey.. darah dia cam pekat gitu".. In my mind I was like ehk sal the way he talk cam nothin gitu ehk? y like his reaction is bold?.. While thinking I was actually pausing myslf frm talking to him.. Then out of sudden he said " April Fool"... I was like "Kauuu, I was just thinking of foolin someone sey tad.. lame nye.. hahaha".. Cute sia he.. Tryin to make me laugh by fooling me LAMELY... hahaha.. well he is my one n only cute boifie that Ive grown up wf since secondary school life..

Its felt wonderful when eu are growing up wf someone eu love.. But bare in mind thurs ups n downs in life.. N if eu peepz wana noe, HE have been my class partner for almost 3 years! Meants I have been seating beside him for 3 years.. Well from monkey love turns to real love.. We noe the scandals about the past.. I meant its the past, n we were teenager at that moment.. We accept one another, n noticed that I was being fooled by him in the past.. About girls.. I felt that I was dumd sia.. But I wasnt really into relationship during my secondary school life.. I meant I had been wf his close friend,his 'bro'.. hahaa.. N I was the one hu dump them all..

Well when we sat dwn together talking bout the past.. We do laugh about it and sometimes it does hurt too.. But now in the present, I noe that he is serious wf me, n so am I.. Well we have plan for the future though, like mayb engage? Well we are just planing.. but its still a long way to go.. As I have my studies another 2 years then to werking life.. N he is serving NS another 1year+ n he really have to werk n save up.. He also claims he needs to save up for us.. Hahaa.. cute.. but we can only plan but still I leave it to god's hand.. I meant anithing can happen.. but i can only pray for us to stand strong till the day comes.. rite baby!

Well wishing eu all April Fool's Dae!
May eu FOOL as many people arnd eu... hahhaa...
Psst Im gona fool him once I meet him later..
wish me best of luck!


Sunday, March 29, 2009 ♥
Paul Blart: mall cop... Powerhouse... ♥ 10:14 AM

Holla !! Hows the week peepz?
Well this special week, i have gain something...
That's confidence and motivation..
Confidence in my relationship..
Motivation in my studies..

I am getting ready for re-opening of skewl! Its time to pull myslf up and show the tutors/classmates what Ive got! Thats the BRAINS and effort in my studies.. So nerds beware thur will be another hot nerd joining eu!!!

Boifie makes me realised where I stand in his life.. Ive negative thoughts recently and I was not confident about my relationship wf him.. I really thought that it was the end of us.. But his love really make us stands strong.. I was at a confuse state but I really do love him alot.. I couldn't live my life as per normal wfout him by my side.. I will really feel so uncomfortable and most of all, I felt the emptiness wfout his presence.. That feelings really suckz.. I have been tryin to cope wf the thought of him being staying in his camp.. N I am sure am struggling.. Thats y the negative thoughts came in.. N recently the time spentoin us was short and limited.. That sux.. But we really do spend time doing things together..

We went to catch a movie at E-Hub on Thursdae 26 March.. Actually I was the one planing it, as the recent movie we catched was 'Coming Soon'.. He said 'it is a must to watch this movie(paul bart:mall cop) cos im sure its gona be hilarious'.. then i was 'YES!!! A SURPRISE MOVIE FOR HIM'.. We was late as usual.. The movie was YES humorous..


In Columbia Pictures’ comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Kevin James stars as the title character, a single, suburban dad, trying to make ends meet as a security officer at a New Jersey mall. It’s a job he takes very seriously, though no one else does. When Santa’s helpers at the mall stage a coup, shutting down the megaplex and taking hostages (Paul’s daughter and sweetheart among them), Jersey’s most formidable mall cop will have to become a real cop to save the day.

Pictures for the daes 26March

27 March
thanks to Russell n his mom!
It was the first time entering the Saint James so thurs alot of rooms thur..
Funn.. We met Russell, Natasha, "Sista" Russell's mom n Natasha's mom..
They are all fun to hang out wf rather than Adnand, Fais, Efa n this guy.. They are fark/shits due to some actions they made.. So fish them! I really like the accompany of Russell all as they are really fun to be with, n very entertaining especially Sista.. Rock n Roll Baby! I was really dress dwn wf snickers, shorts, n button shirt.. But wait a minute! Its comfortable eu see, cos that dae was TRANZ nite! So aint dancing wf high heels, tight clothes! big NO NO! well boifie wore a top tat we recently bought that dae at TOPMAN! He looks HOT HOT HOT! I have my eyes on him all the way..

Well we dnt drink much though compared to the times we were at DBL O.. cos the drinks here exp sia.. we bought AK 47 n GRAVEYARD.. he drank GRAVEYARD of course.. me AK47.. I tot it taste the same as the ones in DBL O.. but the drink thur is fuuuhhh.. I just had that, n I couldnt walk straight.. yea i dance wf Efa at the podium.. her dancing was ridiculous..! but y am i dancing wf her.. I dnt noe.. But it was FUN pulling strangers up dancing wf them.. SOCIABLE BABY! really tak tau malu.. wahahaha... while dancing,I realised that theyare having dance battle behind me.. N thur he is shuffling all his way!

The crowd was really cheering and looking at the dance battle.. He did some surprise trick by like takin someone's cap out of the crowd and dance wf it.. That guy was like SHOCK.. then I told that guy that he lend his cap for awhile huh, hope eu dnt mind.. hahaha.. Yea received some compliments about him shuffling.. 'Hey ure BF dance great'.. haha.. Look lar hu his gf is.. hahahaa.. kiding!

The dae turn out to be a good and a bad exprience wf me & D..

Russell,Natasha,Marie,Natasha's mom

Baby im sorie for the things that hurt eu.. What I knew was I was totally looking at eu.. perhaps smilling at eu all the way.. I didnt meant to do toz thinz eu said.. It was not intentionally eu see.. Baby thanks for showing me something.. Eu have make me realised that eu love me more than I think eu did.. N also I realised that I love eu deeply inside my heart eventhough the egoness in me.. I hope the air between us is clear now.. hopefully the neutral understanding is thur.. I just wan us to understand each other.. N importantly being thur when each of us needs each other.. Pls dnt think bout urslf.. This applys to me also.. Lets be fair darlings.. D, I hope eu heard wat Natasha's advice.. I will treat eu the same no worries.. I love eu!!


Naturally Perfect♥

About Me
♥ Marie born in the year 1989,
at the month of November and
the day of 10th,
Real name is Siti Mariam.♥
Yup my name is 'old school' but im unique!
A student in TP,Information Technology.

Marie have such personally which people around her may not be aware of. Marie is soft-hearted and currently searching for answers in her life.
As she faces the challenges in life, she realized who are the ones who stand by her and who just let her be miserable.

Marie's life is complicated as firstly she is indecisive in making her decisions and would rather put her beloved ones before herself. Especial her boifie, whom is also a best friend/companion/partner regardless of neva ending fightz.

She is complete with her beloved friends, family and her 'D'.



Music Playlist at MixPod.com


Dearest boifie,Nan
My heart just belongs to him
We cnt bare to break apart
Eventhough the neva ending disputes amongst each other
The LOVE andCARE for eu will be thur,no matter what.
Eu are apart of me,LOVE.

Beloved MumMi & DadDi
My Parentz is my LIFE.
I'll be dead wfout them.

Darling GFz
Despite the less time spend on tem,
due to skewl and BF.
I really cherish my GFz and appreciate
the moment I had wf tem.Lov Ya,Girlz!

OutDoor activities
Me really LOVE going to the beach~!
Me Liiokee!! =D

He is Super-Dupper-CuuuuTE
Watch the show and collecting the soft toyz!!
psst..!Me bought myslf n boifie a huge spongebob for each of us!!
Hahaha! Cute Rite!

Yearns ♥
♥ i want

- Lose weight!
- Book my practical 3
- Get done and over with lesson 3 & 4 theory
- Club =D
- Go vacation wf BF
- New pair of heels
- super HOT dress Boifie bought for me
- Get a Part-time job!
- Faded Jeans Shorts
- Black Eyeliner!
- Get over and done with year 1

for unnecessary people whom spams my tagboard
your words wont bring me down!!!!
so plz dont bother olrite! cheerz! =P


♥Aisyah Lychee♥

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